Cooperation for a more inclusive society - DeMo project

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Initiated by The Foundation for Democratic Youth (DIA),the DeMo project aims to create a platform for civil society organizatons to network, share knowledge with each other while providing tools necessary for capacity building
The DeMo Project was a 2.5 years long project initiated by DIA and funded by the Norway Grants, with the aim of providing capacity building and a knowledge sharing network for 13 organizations who all work with disadvantaged children who live in deep poverty, often studying in segregated institutions characterized by lower quality education. The participating organizations went through a process of organization development, worked on their communication strategies, exchanged professional knowledge and good practices by doing field visits and participating in workshops and trainings. 

The case study on the DeMo project was elaborated in the EFFeCT project which was coordinated by the Knowledge Centre of the Tempus Public Foundation and it was carried out with the participation of six countries: Finland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, the UK, Ireland and Hungary. The main goal of the international collaboration is to develop a European methodological framework which aims to facilitate collaborative learning of teachers and seeks to provide a guideline for policymakers and other educational stakeholders. During the research and analysis phase of the project we found that some of the good practices also contribute directly or indirectly to reduce early school leaving.


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