School mediator

About the story

About me

My name is Alina Nica and I have been a teacher for  years at  in Iasi, Romania.

What happened then?

When the children miss a lot from school or have a conflict with school teachers, the school mediator actually goes at the children’s home and tries to talk with their parents, to bring the children back to school, try to bring the parents into discussion with the school principal, with the school counsellor and try to solve potential conflicts or looking to find out what are the causes for the dropout. Most of the times, there are causes related to poverty, we must admit.

Lessons learnt, anything to share with others?

Most of the times, as a support teacher, I have managed to bring my children back to school. Moreover, I trust that the educational programs and projects carried out by schools and non-governmental organisations can be very effective in supporting the prevention of school dropout and the reintegration of children in the school.

Last edited: 21 February, 2018

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