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Evidence shows that when it comes to early school leaving, prevention and intervention programs are more successful when teachers work together in teams. Teachers’ teamwork means establishing professional communities of teachers, specialized or interdisciplinary, within one institution or cross-institutional, with the aim of working together towards the same positive aim. Teachers’ teamwork is an effective strategy to overcome complex pedagogical challenges, such as early school leaving.

If they have effective teamwork, teachers have a chance to connect with each other too, to share ideas, insights, encouragement and mutual support, which is proven to be more effective than working in isolation from one another, and this has always been a pre-requisite to establishing an effective school community. Teamwork functions as a learning opportunity, while it also creates a place for peer-support, and sharing resources. Working as a cohesive team has been proven to have positive effects on student success.

Since early school leaving is a complex challenge, and most often the result of a cumulative process with a range of interconnected reasons in the background, working as a team is essential for institutions hoping to tackle the problem. Implementing a comprehensive early warning system needs strong engagement from the whole institution, and within the network of diverse stakeholder teachers play an essential role. Sharing their impressions, knowledge and perspectives of a given student, early warning signs can be better identified, allowing the team to tackle the problem more effectively.

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