Education, the chance to write your own future

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Preventing early school leaving is considered to be particularly important not only to combat negative consequences of poverty and social exclusion on child development, but also to provide children with the necessary means to interrupt the cycle of passing the disadvantage between generations.

Early school leaving represents for the Romanian educational system a problem which, due to its significant consequences and its dimensions, requires the attention of the decision-makers, practitioners and beneficiaries in the educational system.

The reasons for early school leaving in Romania can generally be placed on three main levels: the student and his / her family, the community of origin and the school, as the institution responsible for the educational act. Thus, the resources reduced or sometimes even the absence of the family can act as a hindrance to continuing education, with the same negative effect as the rules of some community which may lead to the abandonment of education. The school, in return, can encourage the student to continue education or, on the contrary, when it becomes a challenge it can be impossible for some of the children to step on.

 The project "Education, the chance to write your own future" is an alternative to educational intervention that has proven to be effective in preventing early school leaving at Iasi County level. Made by the County Centre of

Resources and Educational Assistance Iaşi as a partner of the Maramures County Resource and Educational Assistance Centre (solicitor),SIVECO and Fida Solution (partners),the project included a complex of activities that focused on the most significant factors around the child, affect the educational evolution.

One of the key points of interest was, the student at risk, this was the target of actions aimed at providing psychological, pedagogical support, as well as his inclusion in activities such as "school after school" - aid to creating themes, offering a warm mass, and more.

The "Learn how to Learn" program, which is part of the project “Education, the chance to write your own future”, is dedicated for students at risk of early school leaving. This program which included “school after school” activities required daily meetings after regular school hours to pursue educational activities addressed to existing gaps in student training as well as awareness of the key role that education plays in their professional and personal future. The students were also counselled weekly by the teachers and school psychologists and helped to find ways to stay in school, they have been helped and socially integrated into their group.

110 pupils from eleven schools from Iasi County benefited from the project's activities.

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