Virgil - a banned child

About the story

About me

My name is Virgil NICHITĂL and I am a 12-year-old student in 5grade at Alexandru Vlahuta School in Iasi, Romania.

What/Who was the turning point to stop my leaving?

I often go to the Educational Center of Save the Children Foundation, Iasi, Romania, which helps me a lot. It's the most beautiful thing in my life. There are some people who help me very much and I would like to thank these people who helped me at school.

What happened then?

Before, at school I didn’t learn very well. I only had very small grades; I only had insufficient and sufficient grades. Now I have bigger grades of 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Lessons learnt, anything to share with others?

This is my story. I want to be a normal child. The biggest dream of mine is to have a decent house, where I have my room, a computer, a phone, but I can't do these things because they are very expensive and I don't have the money. I can barely have some things at school, but I still have them at home...

Last edited: 21 February, 2018

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