Interactive Statistics

Select countries and variables

Here you can find collected indicators of European countries that are directly or indirectly linked to early school leaving. Select first the type of chart.
1 - LINE AND COLUMN CHARTS: first select countries, then a max. of 6 variables or sub-variables, finally click on the RELOAD button. You can compare the data on a variable timeline (2000-2017),and can add or move the variables one by one.
2 - MAP CHARTS show one selected variable in one selected year on the European map. If the data are not available in a year, the chart will be empty.
Using this database, with only a few clicks you can create and save your own charts and data to analyse and present, and find out more about international data. A short explanation about the variables appear at the bottom of the page and if you are interested in the country context and statistical analysis in different aspects, have a look at the description of the Glossary where you also find short reports on the basis of the ESLplus Interactive Statistics Module.

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Learn more about the variables

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