Springboard (Dobbantó) Programme

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The Springboard (Dobbantó) Programme was a national programme that was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture and was supported by the National Fund for Vocational Education in years 2008-2011, was co-ordinated by FSZK (The Public Foundation for Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities).

The Dobbantó Programme aimed to help participating schools to develop complex and personalised systems of services based on individual development plans for students with special educational needs (SEN) and early school leavers.

Edu-coaches and trainers provided teachers with trainings on new innovative methods and educational principles. Furthermore they also held trainings providing continuous on-the-job support for teachers and leaders of vocational schools. Schools received a grant to implement the objectives of the project. As a result, teachers could lead/facilitate differentiated activities adapted to student needs and offer career guidance based on personalised career plans made in cooperation with the students.

Professionals also helped young people who have a series of failures behind them (early school leavers) finish their studies and acquire competencies required on the labour market. The professionals of the Dobbantó Programme supported school leaders to establish and develop successful cooperation with relevant local partners. Edu-coaches provided support for leaders to be able to assess the current situation and create a school improvement plan (aimed at competencies-based education). The programme encouraged the participating vocational schools to develop a regional network.

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