Character building with break dance

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BreakSquad Foundation aims to motivate and encourage

children, young people and older people to develop a positive and strong character.

We believe that if you have a passion in life you are more likely to succeed because you're having fun. The best thing about the youth and young adults from BreakSquad is that they are good examples for other young people.

We have helped many young people to develop a positive, motivated attitude towards life.

As a result, they are more likely to achieve their goals and their education alike.

Context of good practice

BreakSquad Foundation was founded in 2013. At this moment about 30 to 40 young people are members of BreakSquad. All break dancers aim to become the best dancers in the world. They frequently dance in large theatres in The Netherlands.

BreakSquad is not funded by any government agency. They  practice in a derelict building. They earn some money with their performances.

BreakSquad is not just a break dance group. Character building is perhaps their most important objective. Young people do what they like and trying to become the best. That boosts their self-esteem that is necessary to be successful in life. In fact, education is very important to the group. The older members of the group help the younger ones with their homework. Nobody dances if their homework has not been completed. 

It is a very simple formula: (joy + self esteem + commitment) = results * results

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Target group of good practice:



The Netherlands

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