Project dissemination

The ESLplus project was closed on 31 October 2018. The project consortium has still been committed to promote the collected learning materials to the widest range of stakeholders. The following promotional materials that were used during the different phases of the project include essential information about the possible usage of the project products. 

Beside the international dissemination, where we used the above tools, a wide range of national dissemination activities were happened as well. The partnership organised or took part in almost 80 national events reaching more than 3000 people in person this way. Through national and international events this number is higher, almost 5000. Through national on-line dissemintaion such as newsletters the number of reached readers are much higher, it is around 17000. By paper dissemination, either national or international, we have reached more than 11.000 readers. 

            > Network building flyer for the first steps of the network building
            > Marketing flyer about the ESLplus portal's first functions
            > ESLplus Starter Kit - Recommendations, tips and ideas for how to use the ESLplus portal

  • Posters presented at high level policy forum and other international conferences:

            > EU policy networks - Sustainable networks for inclusive education by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, 11-13 April 2016 (poster)
            > Policy Learning Forum - VET as a solution to leaving education early by the CEDEFOP in Thessaloniki, Greece, 16-17 May 2017 (poster)
            > Policies and practices for the prevention of Early School Leaving by EMPAQT project in Istanbul, Turkey, 2-3 May 2018 (poster)
            > European Conference on Knowledge Management by Academic Conferences and Publishing International in Padua, Italy, 5-7 September 2018 (poster)

  • International newsletter publications

            > ACA Newsletter January 2018 - Call for experts on early school leaving for the European Learning Space on Early School Leaving (ESLplus)
            > ESHA Magazine September 2016 (15000 subscribers) - Introduction of the ESLplus project  (page 49) 
            > ESHA Magazine December 2016 (15000 subscribers) - Summary of ESLplus presentation on ESHA Biennial (18 October 2016) (page 17)

            > ESHA Magazine February 2017 (15000 subscribers) - Call for ESLplus best practices (page 66)

            > ESHA Magazine April 2018 (15000 subscribers) - Call for being ADPE member (pg. 62)

            > ESHA Magazine July 2018 (15000 subscribers) - ESLplus final event (pg. 28)

  • ESLplus banners

            > X-banner
            > On-line banner

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