1. Needs anaysis

In the first phase of the project, the focus was on collecting, selecting, processing and structuring existing information. Principally, two areas were researched:

  • Finding and comparing already existing and recently created printed and online ESL materials to discover lesser known areas of study. 
  • Revealing explicit demands of the target group, and consequent developmental necessities.

In order to clarify the aims of the project, and develop the professional concept of the ESL Portal, we have reviewed all available policy papers, research reports, and examined current good practices on already existing webpages, and the needs analysis elaborated by our project partners.

The needs analysis of the ESLplus project focused on revealing the real needs and demands of expected users of the ESL Portal, as well as identifying the main target group, before selecting and putting together good practices. This paper presents the theoretical foundation of the concept for the design of the ESL portal. We are confident that high quality implementation will determine and lead to the efficient running of the project in the next project phase.

The results and conclusions of the needs analysis and literature review are summarized in the Concept paper for the online ESL Portal, for knowledge sharing and the Association for Dropout Prevention in Europe (ADPE).

The Concept of an online portal of good practices to tackle ESL is a concept of how to prepare and carry on the needs analysis in the project partners' countries in order to find the final target group of the ESLplus portal and in order to get to know their on-line information consumption habit.

The partnership summarized the first results of the needs analysis in the Summary and conclusion of the country reports on early school leaving (ESL) document.

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