3. ESLplus portal development

A Final Report on the ESLplus portal development process summarizes the work what resulted in the ESLplus portal itself, and shows as well the logical connection between the portal's parts.  

The purpose of the ESLplus portal is to contribute actively to the reduction of the number of students dropping out of school without obtaining their qualifications by providing practical guidance to professionals working with such students.

To whom do we recommend the ESLplus portal?

The project consortium recommends the portal to anyone who would like to know more about early school leaving tomorrow than what they know about it today. The portal is also a good choice for those who aspire to support drop-out students in their everyday work, and to that end they are willing to devote more time and dig deeper into topics published on the portal. 

What does the portal offer?

The pages of the portal can be used effectively for sensitisation to the topic. It provides inspiration for everyday work, the design of training programmes, the selection of illustrative materials for training courses and the preparation of international comparative statistical analyses.

  • A good practice repository full of tried and tested solutions of European teachers, schools and education administrators
  • Online library with high-quality content for an in-depth understanding of the topic
  • Inspiring personal stories shared by teachers and students in the form of short videos and written stories
  • Interactive European statistical “playground” for researchers, policymakers and trade press staff
  • Glossary of key terms related to the topic of early school leaving

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