New services to increase school attendance in Iasi County - Together for the kids! project

Short summary

The project was implemented by the Iasi County School Inspectorate in partnership with the Iasi Branch of the Holt Romania-FCSSCF Foundation as Partner 1, within the program of the RO10 Program "Children and Young People in Risk Situations and Local Initiatives and regional level to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion" and financed by funds from the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism and the Government of Romania.

The project aims to develop a pilot program in a period of 23 months through the implementation of new services integrated in 80 rural schools in Iaşi County, where there is a high dropout rate, to prevent the risk of school dropout, to increase school attendance and social inclusion of 1445 children at risk and their families. The project aims at impacting children at risk situations through direct intervention on the child, the family and indirectly through the formation of a permanent local human resource so that it is easily accessible to families and children..

Context of good practice

1445 children (of which 350 Roma) identified by the Iasi County School Inspectorate as being at risk of dropping out of school in most cases due to poverty. Each of the 80 school units in the rural area of ​​Iasi County were involved in the project, non-formal education activities are carried out.

There have been a training developed with parents, training with professors, regarding specific themes about children at risk.

There were organized activities for children, their parents and teachers from all 80 school units.

The organisations involved aim to:

  • reduce school absenteeism and increase the school attendance of at least 1445 children at risk of school dropout in 80 school units.
  • developing an information campaign in the 80 school units from Iasi County concerning the integrated services provided for their pupils in order to prevent absenteeism and school drop-out and

Target group:

  • Children with the highest risk of school dropout, registered in the rural schools in Iasi.
  • Parents (out of which 268 Roma) of the children involved in the project, who face vulnerable situations that can negatively influence the attendance of children at school
  • Teaching staff in the 80 rural schools in Jud. Iasi, involved in the project.

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Target group of good practice:





Sabina MANEA


Iasi County School Inspectorate

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