career management skills

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Career guidance can be used as an effective preventive measure to reduce early school leaving, as it can help students better understand the importance of education for their ensuing professional careers and overall success in life, and as a result increase their motivation for learning. This method relies on self-understanding, knowledge and information related to different career paths and labour-market needs.

Career guidance helps students to develop career management skills. This means an understanding about their interests, strengths and aspirations in the context of labour market needs, and an insight into how education can provide us with the necessary knowledge and competences to make future success more likely. Career guidance can include a variety of activities such as advising, assessing, giving feedback, mentoring, etc. All these activities help students to see their education and possible career in terms of a lifelong development. Informing students about available educational schemes and professional options can help them develop high but realistic aspirations and an idea of how to attain them.

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