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I. Contact Details

Uploadable file type: JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG
Recommended size: 240 x 240 px

II. GOod practice Introduction

Lead paragraph outlining the main problem, the target group, the solution and the results with the core element of the good practice (main aim, participants, activities, results)
Please provide keywords which summarize this part the best (eg. strategic change, heterogeneous classes, conflict handling)
Uploadable file type: DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPTX, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG
Max size: 2048 KB

III. Good Practice Details

Basic information about the school and its environment at local / regional level (size of the school in terms of students, staff, short description of the local circumstances and its main characteristics, unemployment rate)
What were the main characteristics, outlines of the challenge (e.g. absenteeism, under motivation of students and reject to participate, conflicts hard to handle, difficult to communicate and/or involve parents)?
Detailed, transparent and practical description of preconditions, success factors, resource requirements, processes, involvement of colleagues, guides for users and related literature. The core text is enriched by links to text, picture and video files.
Step-by-step description of the main activities from the beginning to the closure, and conclusions:
1. Preparation: identifying the problem and setting up the solution (necessary tools, links to documents). Who were involved in solving the problem carrying out the solution?
2. Description of the main activities and the pedagogical approach used (necessary tools, timeframe, links to documents)
3. Useful competences of the problem solving staff / team to reach the main aim (necessary tools, links to documents)
4. What is the appropriate timeframe of the implementation? Is it a quick solution or a long-term investment? When it is advised to carry out (e.g.: how to fit it into the school's calendar)
Highlighting the main changes and its target groups (E.g.: changes in the school’s staff mindset, change in the relationship between the school and the parents, different attitude of the students… )
Risks, failures (if relevant). Recommendations: possible risk, decision-making points, possible scenarios.
Necessary resources in terms of financial, human resource and time, working hours’ aspects
E.g. awards, any other type of acknowledgement

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