Guidance and counselling activities for pupils at risk at the Elena Cuza Gymnasium School in Iasi

Short summary

The main objective of the project is to increase and maintain an attractive and quality education system for primary and lower secondary school pupils at risk of early school leaving by implementing remedial, counselling and guidance activities for the development of the society based on knowledge.

 Project beneficiaries:

  • 1600 pupils at risk of leaving the school, from the two development regions - Iasi County and Cluj County with both urban and rural areas
  • 800 parents of pupils at risk of leaving school
  • 120 teachers and psycho-pedagogical counsellors involved in the prevention of the school leaving phenomenon

The beneficiaries of our school are 80 students and 80 parents (in the first year of activity 40 students and 40 parents, and in the second year 40 pupils and 40 parents).

The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013. Invest in people!

Partners in this project are: CJRAE Iasi, Filocalia Iasi Foundation and Happy Kids Foundation Cluj.

The Gymnasium School and the project partners organized together:

  • teacher training courses in order to develop the skills and competencies of the staff involved in preventing the school leaving phenomenon;
  • the development and provision of some non-formal educational programs that led to the formation of key competences in pupils at risk of leaving the school;
  • organizing activities - children's parents - to improve family relationships;
  • organizing activities to actively involve parents in the process of school and social rehabilitation of pupils at risk of dropping out of school;
  • organizing extracurricular activities tailored to the needs of the target group;
  • carrying out counselling programs for pupils at risk of school-based school attendance
  • carrying out additional classes in order to remedy the school gaps of students at risk of abandonment.

Context of good practice

The Elena Cuza Gymnasium School in Iasi is a cultural and educational institution.

In line with our vision and the principle that success can be achieved only through work, we want to give our students the necessary training to become young people who are capable and can manage their life in any situation.

The mission of the School is to encourage self-discipline, the development of positive thinking, physical and mental balance, the reconstruction of the notion of free time, for a successful education, through an appropriate offer.

We promote a quality, competitive, friendly learning environment at the same time, in which students come in love because they feel appreciated, helped, encouraged and protected.

Our school is where every student can learn to work individually and in a team to develop his intellectual, moral and civic capabilities at a level that will allow him to succeed in a competitive society. To this end, we promote pupil-centred learning, optimizing the educational act by using interactive teaching-learning-assessment methods, or applying a competence-based curriculum:

  • Cube method is used when exploring a topic / situation from multiple perspectives - provides the opportunity to develop the skills needed for a complex and integrative approach.
  • Thinking hats method - This method stimulates participants' creativity based on role-playing based on the chosen hat
  • Respond - Through-Interrogate - The Respond - Throw - Interrogate method is based on stimulating and developing students' ability to communicate (through questions and answers) what they have just learned
  • The circle of the compliments - It is a method of developing self-esteem of the students

We are pursuing the acquisition by all students of our school of intellectual work skills in order to be able to learn throughout life and the formation of the skills necessary for social inclusion.

We offer equal chances of harmonious development, professional training, partnership for aesthetic education and general children's culture.

Our mission is, in essence, to provide the co-worker with the chance of a permanent education designed for the future in the spirit of European values. We will do everything in our power to form and develop each student who accompanies us on the road of knowledge, communication skills, active participation and responsibility in the social and cultural life, lifelong learning, so that the student become mature personalities capable of harnessing their potential and making the best choices to successfully integrate into the knowledge society.

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Target group of good practice:





Corina Roxana Bârlădeanu school psychologist


Scoala Gimnazială “Elena Cuza” din Iasi

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