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Early School Leaving

The European Learning Space on Early School Leaving offers a great deal of high-quality content and expertise accumulated on early school leaving (ESL) at international, national, local and institutional levels.

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My Stories

Browse our collection of stories told about preventing early school leaving.

Good Practice Repository

A structured database of good practice collection helps at individual level or frontline practitioners to identify and manage students at risk. Besides downloading good practices, you can also upload your own.

Interactive Statistics & Country Profiles

Visualize and compare statistics related to the issue of Early School Leaving using our brand new tool.

ESL Library

Browse and read documents related to early school leaving.

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ADPE, the Alliance for Dropout Prevention in Europe is a professional organization that aims to reduce the early school leaving rate in Europe.
ADPE connects ESL professionals and facilitates the sharing of concrete ideas for improving collaboration within, between and beyond schools, ultimately aiming to enable all children and young people to succeed in school through social media and (virtual) events activities.
ADPE aims to connect School Heads, Teachers, ESL experts, Policymakers and Families/Parents putting Learners always at the center.

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